New Zealand Just Made it Legal for Doctors to Prescribe CBD Oil

More and more countries are waking up to the amazing health benefits of CBD oil, and New Zealand is the latest one we can add to the list.

Among many other health benefits is has been touted as a cure for cancer, and has been used to successfully treat cancer in other cases across the world.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne announced on June 2nd, 2017 that doctors will no longer have to gain permission from the government to prescribe CBD oil and therefore prescribe it freely when they see fit.

He said:

“I have taken advice from the Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs (EACD) that CBD should not be a controlled drug and am pleased Cabinet has now accepted my recommendation to make this change,” he went on “Therefore, I am now taking steps to remove restrictions accordingly.”

It is understood that doctors will be able to prescribe three months prescriptions of CBD oil, pulling it in line with every other type of normal medication.

Thankfully we are seeing a global trend of the stigma that was once attached to medicinal marijuana being turned around in favor of common sense.

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