BREAKING: Trump Openly Threatens To Force Media To Shut Up About Russia

Trump has a long history of threatening journalists with jail time, since his presidential campaign began. But now he’s upped the proverbial ante, and is directly going after a news organization for reporting things he doesn’t want them to report.

Trump just requested congressional investigations into NBC, ordering the House and Senate committees to reveal their intel on Russia to him.

NBC acquired the Russian hacking report a full day before Trump was briefed on it.

Trump’s hatred of the media is concerning. Not that the corporate mainstream media is always right, or even that they shouldn’t be called out when they are wrong. But one thing we can all agree on is that they should not be controlled in any way by the government, or the White House.

NBC acquired a leak report and reported on it as any news organization would. Trump is okay with WikiLeaks, but not NBC receiving a leaked report?

That makes it clear that there is no principle involved here. Trump is not pro or anti leak, he is for anything that serves his interests and will use the power of the government to suppress anything that is potentially against him.

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