Baltimore Area Police Officer Bites Man’s Testicles


Just when you thought you had heard everything about the Baltimore, Maryland Police Department, another officer goes and proves you wrong. Baltimore City police officers were called to a Cinco de Mayo event, according to charging documents that the police released Wednesday. Those documents say that an Anne Arundel County police officer is being charged with assault after biting another man’s testicles during the event.

It all started with a drunken fight over a woman who was apparently in attendance. The victim told the responding officers that he was assaulted by two men. One of those men bit his testicles in the alley behind Looney’s Pub. The assailant was a police officer.

A witness said she saw the attacker wearing a blue and white polo shirt and cargo shorts.

She also saw Michael Flaig, 31, on the second floor of the bar covered in blood.

“Mr. Flaig had blood shot eyes, slurred words and a strong odor of [alcohol] coming from his person,” the police charging documents state.

Flaig told police that he is an Anne Arundel County police officer. In spite of this, after he was identified, he was placed under arrest.

Flaig had apparently attacked the victim, along with another man who helped him, because the man was thought to be “moving in” on Flaig’s friend and roommate, who happened to be a woman. It seems that the woman in question was not necessarily dating the possessive officer.

During the altercation Flaig bit the man’s testicle and then fled the scene.

The second man escaped and Flaig has not identified him. The officer is now being charged with second-degree assault.

Anne Arundel County police and Baltimore Police Department Internal Affairs released the following statement on Wednesday:

“On May 5, 2015, the Anne Arundel County Police Department was informed by investigators with the Baltimore Police Department that a member of our agency was arrested. We have learned that Corporal Michael Flaig, a 10-year veteran of the Anne Arundel County Police Department assigned to the Northern District, was arrested and charged with a second-degree assault and public intoxication after an altercation in the Canton area of Baltimore.

“The Baltimore Police Department is investigating this matter and any further inquiries as to the circumstances of this arrest should be directed to them. The officer’s police powers have been suspended and he has been placed on paid administrative duties.

“These charges are disturbing and we have an obligation as police officers to conduct ourselves in a professional manner on and off-duty,” said Anne Arundel County Chief of Police Timothy J. Altomare. “We will cooperate fully with the Baltimore Police Department as they conduct their investigation. At this time, we cannot comment further because for our agency, this is a confidential personnel matter.”

We will update you as this story develops.

(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David; image Michael Flaig via the Baltimore Police Department)

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