False Arrest and Illegal Search Lead To Police Chief and Mayor Getting Sued For $3 Million


The controversy surrounding the arrest of a Middlefield, Ohio man has led to a $3 million law suit against the former police chief in the midwestern village, and the mayor, as well as others.

Daniel Stovall, the man who was arrested, is claiming that officials made false arrest reports, planted evidence and used false informant testimonies to trump up charges against him.

Mayor Ben Garlich is among the accused, listed in the suit. Stovall says that he facilitated the planting of evidence and refused to investigate reports about the false arrest.

Stovall’s allegations seem to be backed up by police dash cam evidence that shows that Stovall was never weaving whatsoever when police pulled him over in his minivan. Stovall, who is African American, say that he was targeted by officers who simply wanted a reason to search him.

And search him they did. Police searched his person and his minivan in a parking lot and then brought out the county’s drug-sniffing K-9 who found nothing.

“There was no drugs in my pocket. There was no drugs in the van. The dog proved it,” Stovall explained.

But his ex-lover had “called in a tip” to police who took her accusations against Stovall as confirmed truth.

Now, Stovall is asking for $3 million in damages.

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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