Cop Confronted For Parking In Fire Lane To Go Shopping, ‘On Official Lunch Break’


Tyler Kohlmann was just minding his own business in Salt Lake City earlier this week when he noticed an officer walk into Dick’s sporting goods who was clearly browsing, not “serving and protecting.”

There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that the police officer had parked his “Darren Wilson Special” cruiser directly in a fire lane.

Tyler turned on his phone and confronted the officer, asking him why he believes himself to be above the law… That’s when the fun began. Watch the video below…

Tyler wouldn’t let the cop off the hook, even after the officer goes through one ridiculous excuse after another.

Cops are really good at lying “BSing” people who they think don’t know any better.

But as this video shows, they are not always so quick on their feet when confronted by a determined civilian like Tyler.

(Article by Barney Cox and Moreh B.D.K.)

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