5th Grader Suspended For Pointing Finger Like A Gun, Making ‘Laser Sounds’ In Cafeteria


A 10-year-old from Stacy Middle School, in Milford, Massachusetts was suspended after pointing an imaginary laser gun with his fingers…

Nickolas Taylor, a fifth-grader, is accused of the grand crime of “mouthing laser sounds” in the school’s cafeteria.

It all happened last Friday, according to Nickolas’ father, Brian Taylor.

“I think this is very slanderous toward Nickolas and his character,” he explained to local reporters with the Milford Daily News.

“It was non-threatening. He’s just a typical boy with an imagination.”

Assistant Principal Noah Collins said that the finger-ray-gun was “a threat” and would not be tolerated.

In the 88-page handbook which the school issues to students and parents, threats are listed as punishable by detention, suspension, or even expulsion depending on the severity of the threat.

Collins told Brian Taylor that two girls came to him claiming that Nickolas “cut the lunch line.” When they told him that he shouldn’t “cut” he made the laser gun with his finger and associated ray-gun sounds.

Taylor says that his son has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and this sort of thing is common for him. It is “imaginative” he said, “not a threat”.

Nickolas, for his part, said that he does not understand what he did that got him suspended.

(Article by Jackson Marciana of Counter Current News)

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